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What functional area seems to best prepare individuals to ascend to a F100 CEO position? This is a question I often hear from marketers, engineers, and others seeking to create a path that leads to the C-suite. They want to know if there is an early-career functional focus that will make it easier to climb the ladder.

There have been 1,353 applications for eligibility under the Future Growth Loan Scheme, of which 1,283 have been approved to date by Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI).

This article outlines some of the things you should consider before applying for a business loan, SME finance or business finance.

Many factors go into the decision making pot when funders decide to approve or decline a business loan, SME finance or business finance and not all of these are within your control. 

Taking a loan is an inevitable part of every business. A business loan, SME finance or business finance will help you expand into new ventures, purchase high-tech equipment that will bring in millions, take advantage of a lucrative business opportunity, and ultimately help you grow your business. 

I’m not a legal or financial professional . . . I’ve just started and bootstrapped a lot of businesses. Building a company from the ground up is one of the most difficult things I have done and one must also consider business finance, SME finance or business loans.

While applying for any business loans, sme finance or business finance, the young an entrepreneur should consider these important things.

70 percent of startups scaled too quickly in some aspect of their business.

While growing a startup can be an exciting endeavor, it doesn’t come easy. According to data from Statistic Brain Research Institute, over 50 percent of all companies fail within five years of when they first open for business. After 10 years, that number climbs to 70 percent.

Here are six types of loans that could help you launch or expand your small business in terms of business loans, SME finance or business finance.

Starting a business can be expensive, and so can expanding one. No matter where you are in your business's life cycle, from startup to growth, a business loan can help get you started or address specific needs along the way.

Alternatives to bank loans for business finance, SME finance or business loans do exist, however, and are growing in popularity. Here is a run through of some alternatives you might like to try if your startup has been turned down for a bank loan.

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