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Unless you are filthy rich, running a successful business without external funding is nearly impossible. Getting your start-up off the ground is a daunting task. What is even harder is getting it going in the right direction.

Just the way capital is needed to start a business, in the course of running it, you will need further funding to ensure its growth.

In this article, we are going to look at the various reasons why people seek funding for their businesses.


Business growth is something that is always on an entrepreneur’s mind. However, small business loans should only be sort when you already have a specific project in mind.

For instance, you may need to move to larger premises to cater to your growing clientele or you may need another branch because the business has outgrown its current location and you need to capture new clientele from another area.

With funding and proper planning, you will be able to meet your expansion needs.

Working capital

Do not underestimate the power of sufficient working capital. Insufficient capital can derail any expansion efforts. It may also have adverse effects on the long-term goals of the company.

A small business loan may be used to ensure customer orders are prompt and supplier payments are made on time.

Purchasing assets

Most often than not, when businesses expand, they will need the business owner to purchase certain business assets that will be used to increase sales. Such assets may include machinery or company vehicles – whether it is your first company car or you are looking to increase the number of vehicles to cater to your expanding business.

For those that have sufficient capital to ensure a smooth day-to-day running of the business, they may also need funding to allow them to purchase additional assets.

Especially when there is a need for expensive equipment, a business loan will allow you to spread out the costs of purchasing it, significantly reducing the chances of suffering a financial breakdown. This is better than getting a large sum of money from the company’s account and paying upfront.


Accidents are inevitable – even in businesses. Natural calamities like floods can wreak havoc to your business. The same applies to fire disasters.

If a business owner was bright enough to get an insurance policy to cover for such catastrophes, the insurance would cover the costs of repair. However, some premiums will not be covered and the business will need money to pay them as well as pay their employees as repairs and other renovations are undergoing.

On the other hand, company assets sometimes breakdown. Other times, machinery may become outdated and need upgrades. Such eventualities may come at a time when the business is undergoing a financial strain. It is in these moments that funding would come in handy.

Cash flow problems

Do not be deceived – even the most successful business, at some point, experience cash flow problems. Established companies are the ones that are most likely to suffer cash flow problems.

One common cause of the above is when a company takes in new clientele and thus, needs an increase in raw materials and equipment. Other times, the business might be slow and suffer wider recessions. With a small business loan, the company should be able to run smoothly until the low business season passes and sales go back to the way they were.


It is the dream of every business owner to see their business grow. Growth in customers and orders will always require the addition of employees. As such, a business will need money to hire more staff so as not to compromise on the quality of service they offer. If you are among the lucky few, you will be able to hire them within your current budget. Otherwise, external funding will do.


For a business, especially a small and medium enterprise to remain relevant, they have to constantly come up with solutions that satisfy their clients. Failure to which, a business may become absolute.

Thus, a company will need funding to conduct in-depth research on whatever field they may be interested in venturing. Research is not a cheap undertaking but with a little financial aid, it could be affordable.


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