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This is an easy cashflow solution for any business that has a high volume of card transactions on the credit and debit card machines. It is a short-term finance solution that works with your business and its existing credit debit card machine.

We can provide a flexible finance facility in terms of cash advance.  This is an unsecured loan facility of between €3,500 and €500,000.  The advance is repaid as a flat percentage of your future card transactions, typically between 10% and 15%.  Repayments are made daily as a small percentage of your future card sales until you have repaid the full amount.

You will have clear control with a one-off fee agreed upfront for the advance and no additional fees.  There is also a borrower account which is a unique online interface, allowing 24/7 access by client and/or partner/accountant to check loan status, overview bank account and request renewals.

If you are an SME in receipt of non-cash transaction and in need of finance this is the solution for you.

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