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It still strikes me that most entrepreneurs and startup founders in Europe are unaware of the funding opportunities available to them other than venture capital.

Sometimes entrepreneurs discover that owning a business is similar to riding a seesaw. They feel on top of the world when their business runs smoothly but are unhappy when it slows down. All the same, most business owners agree that having a business is a rewarding experience. 

Irish peer-to-peer lender Linked Finance has unveiled a five-year unsecured business loan for the country’s small- and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Running a business successfully could be quite challenging. There are risks involved, you need to manage your staff well, look for adequate sources of finances and have to beat the ever-growing competition.

Small businesses have it rough. They have great customers, but those customers are not consistent buyers. Those customers pay their bills, but there may be a lag in time from when the service or product was provided and the time the company actually gets paid.

Furthermore, the initiative will contribute to greater financial inclusion: it will target underserved sectors, like start-ups or businesses run by women or people from disadvantaged communities.

Net demand for loans to businesses in the Eurozone area reached their lowest level in six years at the end of 2019, that’s according to the latest Euro Area Bank Lending Survey (BLS) from the European Central Bank (ECB). It is the first time a decrease in demand for enterprise loans has been recorded since the fourth quarter of 2013.

Learn about high-risk business loans and potential financing alternatives.

Small business loans and overdraft facilities provided by big banks are on the decline according to recent figures published by UK Finance. The report, dated January 17, shows that while London lending fell by less than three percent between September 2014 and September 2019, in the North West the decrease neared 16 percent.

With every New Year comes the opportunity of a new beginning. The cyclical and symbolic nature of this event brings the perfect moment to get rid of what is not working, focus on improving what is working and setting new goals for your startup.

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