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Over half of small businesses do not have any business finance in place at all, with overdrafts being most popular choice for those that do.

Smaller businesses are turning to alternative ways of financing in much larger numbers than five years ago, as traditional lending flatlines, according to a new report.

When you’re in business, you soon start noticing that cash flow plays a fundamental role in keeping everything going. At times, you may need funding to secure an additional project or to expand your business. An unsecured business loan could be perfect for that purpose.

Every small business must contend with the challenges of financing their business operations. Whether you’re just starting up or expanding, business loans are often a critical part of a small business’s success. But what if you are required to personally guarantee the loan? Should you?

One of the first rules of entrepreneurship is you’re never supposed to mix your business and personal finances.

There are times in the life of any business when it may need an extra boost to help cover costs. This is where a commercial business loan can help. A business loan is a form of funding for commercial organisations rather than for individuals.

Various lenders require different business loan documents. Adam Parker ticks off his business loan checklist.

Whether you need finance to help you expand your business or to buffer you against the tough times, the fact is, if you are looking for funding there are certain foundations you need to lay.

For many small business owners, business loans are critical to financing company growth and development. The savviest entrepreneurs keep their eye on the market and monitor for opportunities to score better loan interest rates or find payment terms that better match company needs.

Fintech is a short form of financial technology. It’s a wave that has turned the financial industry services on its head. Developments in this space have gathered pace in recent years. PWC predictions for 2020 show a wave that’s not about to slow down anytime soon.

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